24 Greeting Card Assortment By Punch Studio, Holiday Christmas Victorian Ephemera with Cats, Dogs, St Nick, Santa, Botanicals, Angels, Children...

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  • Package of 24 Different Punch Studio Premium Die-Cut Holiday Note Cards, Blank Interiors
  • Interior Decorated Envelopes, 3.75 x 5.25". (Card sizes vary slightly because of unique shapes.)
  • See all of the pictures of the cards, which include angels, kitty cats, dogs, santas and St Nick, botanicals, Victorian children and more. Each card is die cut with its own shape and unique from all the rest!
  • Created from rare ephemera images, these beautifully designed Christmas gift cards were created using rare ephemera from the Kirschner Decorative Arts Collection. Ephemera is a term for everyday paper documents printed for temporary use such as postcards, product labels, calendars, tickets and greeting cards. Although most pieces of early ephemera were intended to be discarded, many of the surviving antique images are now quite precious and have become highly collectible. Dating back to almost a century ago, the artwork reflects a bygone era of beauty and splendor.

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